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Original Sin - Part 2

What’s the Original SIN?

=== PART TWO ===

The title of this article “What's the Original Sin” … in retrospect, could have been included in the book Mèahuasca, as an additional chapter of sorts. Although it would not have been as elaborate or as long-winded as this article, and would not have contained video or music links to set the mood etc. With this in mind, we have chosen a piece of music, to help set the mood for Part Two of this article. You could set it running in the background while you read …


A Life Full, of Pleasure and Pain …

We are all born with an innate genetically formed programme to strive towards pleasure, and to strive to avoid pain (death). This pleasure-pain principle is fundamental to survival and procreation. This is an endless strive, usually till the day we die (for the most part).

The programme driving the strive, can be disrupted at any stage in our growth or development with Traumatic events, which can result in a life of seemingly endless suffering, addictions, pathological behaviours and in some cases, can present as chronic illness or dis-ease. Equally the strive programme can be disrupted at any stage with Blissful moments, which can end suffering, reduce cravings, addictions, pathological behaviours and can potentially heal illness and disease, and can also bring peace for the dying.

Some people have not known Bliss in their lifetime (thus far), which of course is the other side of the coin of Suffering. For those who are over-familiar with Suffering - and there is quite a few to say the least - when you come to or get to your state of Bliss (of sorts), YOU WILL always recognise it and realise how familiar it seems to you, as if you had always known it, but had just somehow forgotten what and where it is, and how to get to it.

For People who have had a whole lifetime of Suffering in one form or another, their Bliss seems all the more familiar and profound (to them) … when they reach it. In other words … the greater the Suffering, the greater the Bliss. We are not being metaphorical; we mean this in a literal sense.

There is a reality and practicality at the root of all this. The root concept behind this is starting to permeate populist Western civilised society, media and culture. This Bliss we speak of
IS NOT the high, rush or comedown you may or might experience with cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, drugs or alcohol, or any addictions, disorders or pathological behaviours …

Practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, Chanting, Music, Drumming, Vibration, Massage, Fasting, Holistic Therapies, Silence and yes, Isolation can point the way to the Bliss we speak of, but such things generally ONLY POINT the WAY, and will not necessarily get you there. Such things are a form of practice, and practice only!

When we speak of Bliss, if you have not experienced a state of Bliss or absolute Stillness as some (like me) like to call it … rest assured, without any exception, WE ARE ALL capable of experiencing such a thing, and moreover WE ALL have the ability, capacity and power to do so, no matter what we or others may think.

In my Fathers and Grandfathers case (referenced in part one), neither of these men probably experienced this Bliss we speak of during their waking lives, but in my Fathers case, in my view, he got glimpses of it, when he was dying. Being with him for his last few days and nights, he would awaken every so often from his death sleep, as one might call it, and say things reminiscent of a traveller who had arrived back (to his surprise) from a long journey or voyage.

He did seem surprised to be back (awake). He may still have had some stuff to impart to the world and perhaps even to me. He felt his life had somehow been a sad one and apologised (to me) every now and then, about how sad he felt about his life’s exploits, as they were. He would ask me - was he making sense? And of course he was. It struck me (at the time); he was cleaning his slate for his final journey or voyage. He seemed very happy to have me there, and held my hand as often as it was within his reach, which he hadn’t done since my childhood. It seemed to comfort him as it comforted me. For once in a very long time, we had a Human and perhaps even a Spiritual connection … as he went on his way.

The point is this: WE ALL experience states of Bliss, or Absolute Stillness at least twice in our lives. Once when we are born or being birthed, and then again when we are dying or die. Some People have obviously reported such states with near-death experiences, and others through different practices, some of which are mentioned above, and some that come via Daydreaming and Lucid Dreaming amongst other things …

Why is it we do not experience such things (as states of Bliss) on a daily basis, or as a regular or routine thing? If we recognise such things as being Altered States of Awareness, and if we stay in such Altered States for regular or long periods of time, we cannot practically function or survive in our “Normal” State of Awareness. The Human species might die off, or be killed off, if we didn’t operate in a relatively Normal State of Awareness most of the time.

Being in an Altered State of Awareness is not conducive to survival of the Species, although there are far less natural dangers in this modern world than there once were. The world has been so depleted of wild animals, natural forests and habitats, that there is very little obvious natural risk remaining to Humans on the planet, but this does not mean to suggest that Humans are invulnerable either. Perhaps the times we are in, recognised, as April 2020, is reminiscent of Mother Nature as it were, doing a bit of a universal spring clean?

Last night it occurred to me, this alleged virus began its life so to speak, in a region of the world, where societal conditions have led to People eating EVERY possible thing or form of life, which inhabits the Earth, so conditions for viruses and disease to develop, mutate and transmit to human hosts are almost perfect.

Whatever about eating vegetation, eating meat nowadays, even in a Western context, is a pretty dodgy affair, as meat is captivated, bred, farmed and fed on a diet of antibiotics, hormones and non-organic proteins and supplements to fatten, colour, preserve and enhance the look of DEAD meat on the shelf.

Perhaps we should consider such things, as a possible source of another type of pathological thinking and behaviour … the need to dominate and control life, that which is beyond our locus of control? Perhaps Mother Earth is demonstrating to us, just how limited our control over HER ENVIRONMENT is … we emphasise HER ENVIRONMENT, as many presume to think, its “Our Environment” or “Our Planet”, forgetting that Humans came out of Mother Earth, so we literally belong to her, and not the other way round!

As we awake in the morning, our lights begin to get switched on, like a massive factory shed. When the switch is flicked, the lights at the front of the shed go on first, then the middle then the furthest lights, and then eventually the distant lights perhaps?

When we awake in the morning, our nearest memories of who we think we are gets turned on first, who, what, where we are, and the persona we are using comes flooding in first. Then the memories of the day and night before, then mid to long term memories, then the more vague, but long distant memories, of which we can never be 100% sure about. Our mind/brain is a programme that gets switched on in the morning … well mostly! The mind/brain holds a very limited amount of memory … just enough to keep us functioning for a few days and nights ahead, and never really much more than that.

Over the past few weeks, some People have been expressing via email and phone correspondence, their worries, trepidations or fears they have around this alleged flu/virus thing! You know, the stuff being proliferated via social and populist media, which seems to be encroaching upon their consciousness and invading their thoughts
. This has surprised me to a certain extent, as there is few things in life surprise me anymore, bar certain, shall we say, experiences with Medicine Plants!

It was also intriguing to find out from People who have expressed their concerned thoughts, that NONE of them have this alleged flu-virus thing. Which is not to say that, those who have not been in correspondence with us, do not have the thing, have not had the thing, or might have even passed away or died because of the thing, and thus have not been in touch, to express their thoughts!

Today we received some
anecdotal information, which could be spun as a positive/good news story, and could possibly alter certain concerning thoughts, … in that: “Nobody who has participated in a certain Medicine Plant Ceremony has gotten ill or sick, or has died from the alleged virus/flu pandemic thing”. That might reassure some People, as it might also provoke some thought concerns for others, depending on whether or not you have participated in a Medicine Plant Ceremony of course.

Of course if you don’t think about it, it won’t have a bearing either way. It won’t affect your day’s work, or your nights sleep. Do you see how the same information, can be perceived in a totally different light and reference to someone else? After all, it is only anecdotal information, some words on paper, and nothing more than that … it does not matter and does not count, just like 99.99% of all information out there. What counts is experience, and what counts more, is YOUR EXPERIENCE for YOU, by YOU, of YOU.

Your personal experience of something or things is the only connection that can be relied upon. Despite what some theorists of the mind might say or suggest, you can never be disconnected from yourself. It may be that your mind can be temporarily programmed, but that programming (always) fails and falls away once you begin to remember what you really are, and the power you truly have. Even if that moment it falls away, is the moment of your death … not forgetting of course, that life itself (as we know it) is a temporary arrangement for us all!

ITS JUST A RIDE! … well according to this fella:


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