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Purge - From Chaos to Order

Purge - Chaos to Order

Are you familiar with the film called “The Purge”?

It’s a film based upon a nutty dystopian society, that once a year (for a 24 hour period) “allows” its citizens to kill each other without any legal recrimination. The argument being, that from this form of violent anarchy (where there are no rules), it allows “its citizens” to purge their frustrations. After all; in such a hypothetical dystopian society, with so much security/protection, limited travel, no access zones, curfews, gated communities etc., etc., etc.. It is only natural, that its citizens would build up anger, resentment, feel repressed and limited, and would feel the need to purge such emotions.

Rather than have People purge their contempt against the cult government who imposed such limitations and sanctions upon them (to control them), they set up a system where its citizens could Purge all their anxieties against each other, without any recrimination in a legal sense, just once a year. In this film, which is of course a fiction, if you can afford a premium level security system, you can secure the protection and well being of your family, from those that might come knocking. If you are poor, it follows that you could not, and would have to rely upon brute force or good luck to survive the night, against masked aggressors.

For the poor and disenfranchised (as it were), most of the rest of the year, was about working out ways to protect yourself and your family, to survive this one night of premeditated insanity. The whole thing kept most citizens preoccupied with basic survival, except for those attached to the cult government of the day, and those who could afford a premium level of personal security, which of course was provided by a government contracted agency.

This “state sanctioned purge” was to facilitate a kind of organised chaos, with an Order of sorts to follow, suggesting that everyones lives were for the better, when the mania and killing had stopped. Of course, nobody’s life was any better, and many more People had their lives decimated because of it. But of course, survival of the next Purge event was all anyone thought about.

In a healthy world and to healthy People, a purge means something entirely different. Rather than purge your anger, frustrations or fear by attacking someone else, you purge only from an internal perspective. A possible healthy purge could be seen as, going for a night on the town, then puking your guts up in an alley way, into a toilet if you have one handy, or having your stomach pumped. This could probably be seen or taken as something good for you, as you remove alcoholic toxins or other substances from your body, in a literal sense. It might even save your life ...

Equally, we all build up toxic energies in our subtle body, which from time-to-time may need to be purged in a healthy way. These toxic energies are things like stress, anxiety, worry, sadness, sorrow, frustration, anger, hate, aggression, fear and so on. If we allow our conscious or egoic mind to control or master us, we can end up either suppressing these toxic energies or emotions, or deracinate them in a way that can harm ourselves and/or others.

To deracinate means to remove or separate from a native environment or culture, analogous to ethic cleansing. Our toxic energies or emotions need not be suppressed or deracinated, as there is always a place for them, and there is always a (good) use for them. We can dispel them ...

Dispel in this context means to remove the spell these toxic emotions seem to have or hold over our egoic, thinking or conscious mind. The spell that makes us say the wrong thing, react with aggression, be afraid to speak, get depressed, stressed or anxious, assault, attack, hurt, maime, kill or destroy.

To be clear about this; emotions become toxic when we allow our egoic conditioned mind to inform our internal (or inner world) responses, which in turn direct our physical (or outer world) responses. Two People from a similar background or upbringing, can have two totally different or opposing views or responses to the exact same event.

Someone famous once suggested: “Be the change you want in the world”.

To dispel our inner world of toxic emotions, so that our outer word responses are not an egoic conditioned reaction, we must first be aware, that we mostly react to stuff which happens, rather than respond in a way that really benefits our outer worlds. Awareness of this distinction is important. When we aware of the toxic emotions which may drive our reactions, when we can oversee them from an objective perspective, as a passive observer, we are no longer be driven by them.

FOR EXAMPLE: Ask yourself the following: Do Black Lives REALLY Matter? Do White Lives REALLY Matter? Or do we consider that All Life REALLY Matters? Does any of it REALLY Matter? Is any of it REALLY real?

Some of these questions may spark an inner world Toxic Emotion, which can be observed, and which you can be aware of, and then let it pass you by. This is awareness, and as a now objective observer, it can change the way you affect your outer world reaction, if any. It is as simple as that!

If you have quite a bit of toxic emotion built up in your body because of layers of trauma, stress, anxiety or fear heaped upon you since birth, through childhood, young adulthood, middle-age and older age, then you will probably have some amount of purging to do, the purging in this context being to Dispel and not to do stuff from the film mentioned earlier.

When you get to grips with what awareness really is, in its simplest terms, you are well on a path to Dispelling Toxic Emotion, and having a far better quality of life as a result. To start this process, we invite you to download, read, study and share a book called “Awareness”, which is available as a free downloadable pdf right

It is a very simple, easy and fast book to read ...

Awareness once grasped, may assist you in dispelling toxic emotion almost immediately, and thus reduce further accumulation. Later you may have to find other (gentle) ways of purging deeper or older Toxic Emotions which may still be causing distress, discomfort, pain, illness or disease on an emotional, physical, psychological, subtle body or spiritual level.

Obviously the reading materials and music recommend every other week can help, as can certain holistic practices, and the imbibing of appropriate Sacred Medicine Plants. Take as many steps at a time as you deem appropriate. After all, you will be taking your life into your own hands, but who else do you trust with such a valuable thing?

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