M è A H U A S C A

Journal of the Soul

MèAHUASCA … Journal of the Soul
Reaching Stillness, via a Dance with Mother Ayahuasca.

The book "Mèahuasca" represents three years plus of voyaging, journeying, imbibing and researching a Medicine Plant known as Ayahuasca, and participating in many ceremonies concerning gaining experiences of (the) esoteric or spiritual realms, via Medicine Plants, which are accessible by all.

Prior to these excellent adventures, the creator of this work had spent five decades or so, living and experiencing life, in a state of relative unknowing, yet knowing there was something he had forgotten. He had forgotten, he had forgotten.

Mother Ayahuasca reminded him that which he had forgotten. This work chronicle’s some of that remembering. It is hoped that this body of work may help you too, to remember what you have forgotten, you have forgotten, and whatever you begin to remember, you can find a way to integrate it for yourself in some useful way, into your life and this realm of reality.

Apart from being a book and a journal, the adventurer into spiritual realms or altered states of reality will find it interesting and useful, as it is also intended for those whom are cynical or skeptical about this sort of stuff, and may provide grounds for the courage to be adventurous.

èahuasca also aims to provide you the reader, with a vocabulary of words, texts and descriptions that will assist you in explaining or describing your own experiences.

It's a very BRAVE Soul indeed, who takes on such an exploit, as dancing with Mother Ayahuasca.
How brave a Soul are YOU?

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