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A Present Retrospective

A Present RetroSpective

Who doesn't like a good old conspiracy theory?

A good conspiracy theory can be interesting and sometimes entertaining. Setting aside, just for a moment all the conspiracy theories surrounding this flu-virus-pandemic thing (the thing), we might consider where we are at, in relation to social compliance, from a logical perspective.

We could drone on about this stuff, what has happened in the past, and what might happen in the future, but it might come across as yet another conspiracy theory, or may seem unsympathetic to those who have experienced a death in their family or community as an alleged consequence of "the thing".

When the state or their representatives, mandate to lock down certain things such as non-essential retail or social venues, but do not enforce closure on all things, then if there is "the thing" … it logically does nothing to prevent the spread of "the thing". All this achieves, is an eventual closure of small traders, business and enterprise.

It's NEVER BEEN PROVEN that face coverings or masks prevent the spread of anything whatsoever, especially something with such virulence. The state via the auspices of their health service, has NOT specifically isolated or identified this alleged virus, they drone on about, and have admitted this via a freedom of information request. Logically speaking, the health service do not know what they speak of, to put it politely.

There is NO LOGICAL reason or explanation provided for the pandemic of fear that exists, or has been created. Perhaps that is just the point, as fear is the only thing that needs no and has no logical explanation.

Fear as an emotion, creates measurable toxicity in the body … We are designed in part to deal with a certain level of fear in short bursts, but are not biologically designed to deal with the toxin of fear over medium to long term periods.

Short bursts of fear are quite healthy for us, they keep us alert in dangerous situations, and can assist our innate Fight, Flight or Freeze responses for basic survival. These responses have been with us since evolution, whenever that may be.

If you keep People under a heightened state of fear for medium or long periods, they begin to emanate or show signs of what is called or coined as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a kind of aftershock or after-trauma, which creates all sorts of long term stresses, illnesses, disease and psychological disorders. To knowingly create such events, could be categorised as a form of psychological abuse.

As such, psychological abuse involves: "… regular and deliberate use of a range of words and non-physical actions used with the purpose to manipulate, hurt, weaken or frighten a person mentally and emotionally; and/or distort, confuse or influence a person's thoughts and actions within their everyday lives, changing their sense of self and harming their wellbeing".

It is important to comprehend logically what may be going on in the world presently. There seems to be a deliberate and regular misuse and redefining of words and terms such as: "New Normal", "Epidemic", "Pandemic", "Outbreak", "Fromite", "Incident Rate", "Social Distancing", "Cocooning", "Lockdown", "Virus" … and a whole array of others. There is now such a pandemic of words and phrases, it may require a new dictionary to contain them all.

Such words and terms and the context in which they are delivered, relayed or portrayed, can obviously manipulate, hurt, weaken or frighten a person mentally and emotionally. Of course there are those who will rally for lockdowns and all it encompasses, and there are those who will rail against such things.

Perhaps this rallying or railing is analogous to the concept in certain religious traditions to that of Hell & Heaven … If you resist or don't do what you are told by the doctrine (now) of State, you are risking your own life, that of your family and that of your community, therefore; you will be punished with a view to making you reform your behaviour, attitude, outlook or thinking, and if you still persist you will be denied access to heaven, and therefore will definitely end up going to hell!

You may already see where this might be heading?

Historically speaking, certain limitations or restrictions have been forced upon pharmaceutical companies and corporations, although they have always managed to work around most of them. It seems now, these companies have free licence or legal dispensation to produce an "antidote" … Regulation and due process be damned!

In miracle time, they have already created "an antidote" or two? It has already passed all tests and human trials, and is now being widely injected into People, who are perceived as being "the most-vulnerable". Soon the "less-vulnerable" will be cuing up to take it, then comes the "lesser-vulnerable", then the "non-vulnerable", then finally, "the resistant".

Who are the RESISTANT?
Well, you can classify "the Resistant" as two distinct types as follows:
Type A: Those who are immune to the "virus", who don't medically require any antidote, and there may well be quite a few of these People, and,
Type B: Those who are resistant to taking an antidote or vaccine.

How do you deal with the RESISTANT?
Type A: You (obviously) test them to see if they are resistant to the virus, and if they are, then as a "Public Safety Measure" … you just inject them anyway, just in case they might become less resistant later on, or cause the virus to mutate (again) etc.
Type B: Will need to be socially isolated, quarantined, ostracised, tracked, rounded-up, limited in their movements, carefully monitored and tested regularly.

The control and persecution of the RESISTANT, seems to be key to prevention and destruction of this virus, which by the way, will be the first time ever in the history of history, that any virus was completely eradicated, or wiped off the face of the planet.

Of course … we are being ironic.
As advanced technologically as we may think we are, wiping out any species of virus with masks, social distancing, cocooning or concocted vaccines is not a logical reality, but an illogical fallacy, that is of course if such a virus exists at all. Death is not something any of us can escape, we will all die, irrespective of any so called virus.

The issue here, is the way in which such a thing is being used to control, manipulate and put People into fear, which adversely affects their psychological well being, and as a further consequence, their biological or physical health. Yet another level of fear of death has been concocted and greatly exaggerated.

What we most FEAR.
People often say, they fear the unknown. It is not possible to fear something that's unknown or not known. What People really deeply fear is change. If you make something a "New Normal" … such as being conditioned over many months, into accepting the stuff pumped out by state tv and populist media, things such as wearing masks, social isolation, distancing, cocooning, sanitising, lockdowns, travel bans and restrictions, and mandatory vaccinations become the all new improved and accepted normality … that is if you really want to live?

People fear change, or something that might go against their newly conditioned normality … not queuing up to take a vaccine would be seen as heresy, and People who don't volunteer to have themselves injected, may well be painted as a threat to "Normal People" … "Normal People" being the ones who are led on by Fear of Death alongside many other things … Come on, we all know who they are.

The thing is, if you don't fear death, there is very little else to fear. Ok, death might be painful and cause discomfort or even suffering. Even for those who have been injected with a concoction of antidotes or vaccines, they too will come to an eventual end, or maybe they have been fooled into believing they can cling on forever? One might imagine, if you didn't fear death, it might mean a little less suffering as you exhaled your final breath.

Living your life for fear of dying is not living.
Thanks for Reading …

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