M è A H U A S C A

Devoid of Not Reading

Devoid of Not Reading

We are down to a box of M
èahuasca books, and will hold on to five of these books for posterity. The last few books are limited original editions (of course), with no planned future editions … a bit like ourselves!

Should you want to procure a first original edition of Meahuasca, for your own reasons ... please go

This will assist greatly with the cost(s) of producing an audio book, which many have expressed great interest in, not least because, many People just don’t tend to read much any more.

We plan to do some interviews about Meahuasca, perhaps to explain more of the contents of the book, and to address questions that have been raised about M
èahuasca, and about some of the matters addressed in the book, on things such as Myth, Legend, Psychology, Religion, Spirituality, Quantum Mechanics, Entheogens, Medicine Plants, Time Travel and the Law(s) in relation to all such things. This tendency or trend of People not reading much any more is a sign of the times we have all become victim of. Reading is critical to developing and honing your skill and ability to think critically, which in turn can act as a psychological shield of sorts from worry, stress, anxiety or depression.

What’s critical thinking,
and why do we need to be able to think critically?

In this age of populist and social media platforms, we are being fed a diet of soundbites, spin and propaganda. It’s quite a challenge to know or decipher truth from lie, or as it is now called “fake truth”. Having an ability to think critically, is basically the ability to ask questions, and not just any questions, but the right questions. In order to hone this skill of being able to ask the right questions, first we have to be able to read critically, and this requires a diet of proper reading material, such as real BOOKS!

Equally ... we might never be able to fully discern the truth of anything, as questions inevitably lead to more questions, and more questioning sometimes leads to the most critical questions to ask.

WHY is probably the most important word in your vocabulary, and if by default you read (real) books, no matter the genre or type, the why of the book or subject is an all important factor. Firstly it keeps you interested, and secondly it fuels your imagination. After reading several books on any (one) subject, then when you do finally decide to impart your view, opinion or wisdom to others, it will be grounded upon a level of information, knowledge or gnosis that critically, makes some sense.

When you have read quite a few books on any one (or a number of) subject matters, you are not as inclined to just throw out general views or opinions, or rely upon beliefs, or other People’s beliefs or lies. It is suggested also, if you have read at least three books on any one particular subject, you are then considered an expert on that subject. This is probably sad but true. Who goes to the trouble nowadays of actually reading THREE whole books, and more to the point why reads books, when all you have to do is search and find all the necessary information on the internet, and have it explained to you?

When you have actually read, researched and critically studied some actual books on a particular subject, it’s quite easy for you to see and to discern, that most populist or social media comments are nothing more than endless repetitive garbage, spin, propaganda or just out and out lies. As a direct consequence of this new found gnosis, you may be less inclined to get involved in time wasting discussions, debates or arguments, which often descend into argument, social division, personal attacks or ostracism (look it up!).

People are divided enough presently (in October 2020), because of current political and social propaganda and government/state sponsored spin, in relation to mask wearing, social isolation and “the fear” of dying if you leave your home, breathe in the wrong setting, speak to the wrong person or look in the wrong direction.

Ask yourself, who amongst you has critically read the legislation/law on these issues FOR THEMSELVES? Or critically though this stuff through enough to ask critical questions? Who amongst you has shut off Social and Populist media outlets such as radio and television, to prevent being feed a toxic diet of fear and anxiety? Perhaps to give yourself a psychological break from it all, to be able to sit down and quietly read a book? This is hardly beyond you, and perhaps you are much deserving of such a thing?

INTROSPECTION: When there’s a void in People’s lives, they tend to fill that void with things such as Social activity, Drink, Drugs, Toxic Relationships, TV Binging, Social Media, Eating too much and so on, rather than spending a little time with themselves in silence. It’s far easier and convenient to fill that void with toxic habits, rather than get into, face or examine the void or silence. The inner voyage, journey or examination is the toughest of all things, for most People. Well at the start it is, but it becomes easier the more you do it (of course).

It’s quite serendipitous, that the M
èahuasca site and book launched near the beginning of this flu-virus-thing madness. The site and book were NOT pre-planned or pre-meditated, they kind of just fell into being of their own accord and time, and became their own kind of antidote, for some People at least. They became an outward expression of a deeper inner experience and voyage, as no doubt, will the audio of the book. On a personal note, the expression(s) within Mèahuasca provide an explanation on why death is not to be feared, and perhaps why one should laugh or a least have a cheeky grin, at all different expressions of fear most People have become a victim of, and chuckle at the spiral of madness of all this thinking ...

Of course we would love to see M
èahuasca (the book) spread more and more, the procurement of which will accelerate the production and editing of an audio book, to perhaps spawn an event such as a private gathering, talk, discussion group, workshop or school. We will be patient and vigilant for now, to see what comes. Although we are convinced, if even a few more People procured and read the book, it would exponentially speed up the whole thing, and thus more private events could take place, perhaps the first being ... to discuss the meaning of Mèahuasca itself.

Let us know of course, if you have read this far ... if you are interested in such a thing, as described in the previous paragraph, assuming of course you have read M
èahuasca, or may now be inspired to read it?

Thanks for reading etc.,

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——————————————————————————————— Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown for the preparation of travelling, voyaging or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It's also a practical guide on how to prepare for (time) travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use. The book Mèahuasca is available >HERE<