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Our Unconscious Motivations

Our Unconscious Motivations?
& stuff on Exploring Awareness.

Our conscious, thinking or egoic mind … more often than not, hides our true unconscious motivations … which is probably a good thing, as hiding (certain things) may often assist us in specific modes of physical or natural survival, on this plane of existence. Sometimes we need forget suff, which is below the surface of consciousness, in an effort to deal with certain given surroundings or circumstances.

We suggest listening to the music below while reading this article. It is called "the unspoken", and is very strange sounding, but may seem vaguely familiar, just like the call of your unconscious motivations … perhaps?

We all have an innate ability to perceive a unique reality, from each of our own chosen perspectives, and sometimes if say, we decide to do a technology detox we can review our perception of reality, and perceive it as a changed reality, at least for a little while … this effect is sometimes called a Paradigm Shift, and is not a unique phenomenon in any sense.

Initially it is often not even noticeable, as
the mind per se is organised and structured to facilitate neuroplasticity … which is just a fancy way of saying, we are wired in ways that accommodates change or adaptation, or we are flexible enough to promote survival, irrespective of any contradictions that might seem obvious on the face of things. This of course is a theory of mind, and is hardly worth considering, unless of course you are ready to begin exploring awareness?

Exploring Awareness and all that.

Awareness is often portrayed as something very complex and very difficult to attain, which of course is not true. It isn't complex and there is nothing to attaining it, it is in the attaining that it may escape you. There are usually three types of People in this context … a) You are either aware, or b) Not aware, or c) Don't know if you are aware or not.

If you are aware, then you are aware. Even if you identify that you are not aware, you are aware that you are not aware, so therefore you are aware. If you don't know if you are aware or not, then you are aware that you don't know if you are aware, so therefore are also aware. So being aware, not aware, or not knowing if you are aware, is all being aware. That's all there is to this.

If we wish to explore this further … it is easy for us (as humans) to forget how easy it is to be aware, but being aware also means being aware of stuff below your conscious mind you are not aware of, at least not all of the time. And this stuff we are not aware of, although we (now) know we are not aware of it, has a profound effect on our day to day living, and so sometimes, we need to bring some of it (at least) to the surface of the conscious mind, as it may be impacting detrimentally upon our lives, or the way we live, are living and how we engage the world and People.

Sometimes to become engaged and or become aware of the hidden stuff, we need to take a
holiday (away) from the place we live in. No, this holiday thing is not about getting away to the sun, sand and sea with family, friends or others. Being with People, going to a tourist resort or holiday destination is just a form of distraction from gong to the holiday destination we seek in this instance. The destination we seek is to voyage, journey or holiday to within, the inner-space of oneself.

Our inner-space can seem a very isolated place indeed, and getting to this isolation will at times feel like a pilgrimage as opposed to a holiday. Although you have to go though a form of inner isolation, which mystics often refer to as an/the abyss, darkness or nothingness to get to the stillness/peace of inner or outer space.

The initial pain or suffering of going on a pilgrimage per se, is a representation of suffering, pain or trauma etc. Reaching the destination then represents
the non-suffering or bliss. What is often forgotten, is that to have an appreciation of bliss, you have to experience suffering, they are the two sides of the same coin. To be fully aware of this, as you are now … May mean, instead of having or holding on to resentments about stuff/things that happened to you thus far in life, a pilgrimage of sorts, might just help release you from the anxiety of holding on to this or that suffering, pain or trauma?

IF the paragraph above is confusing, please re-read it, until it is clear. As it is a key ingredient, in a next article which might be called …
how to lose weight and gain control of everything in life, or even how to be perfect and have the perfect life.

Until then, thanks for reading etc.,

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