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Our Biological Craving

Our Biological Craving

We are all subjugated to societal norms and social conditioning, whilst at the same time we live with biological cravings, as part of survival in this realm of reality.

When we fail to realise these two particular aspects of our lives, we can fall prey to stress, anxiety, depression, ill health and pathological self-destructive behaviours.

If we survive all this, it can lead us down another path, the path of the new ... where we can reach a pinnacle of suffering, and this suffering can help prepare the way for us to accept (our) bliss.

We started this article a few weeks but didn’t finish it (back then), as we weren't sure what direction it was heading in, until we found out (from others) , there was another lockdown of sorts being put in place.

Of course the current “societal norm” seems to be the donning of masks, for whatever reason or guise that might take. It is (only) suggested, but has never been proven, that masks prevent you from spreading disease, getting ill and dying.

This suggested societal norm has on the face of it (pun intended), worked exceedingly well, as you can clearly observe. Almost everyone who visits a shop wears a mask, and there are now, a great many People wearing masks whilst driving and out walking. No doubt, there are probably many more People using them in many more creative ways indoors as well as outdoors, shall we say!

However, it seems as though some parties are not quite happy with a 99% social compliance rate, so now feel it’s time to introduce more measures and threats, and perhaps even make a few quid off those who would have the bare faced audacity to live without covering their faces, or would dare to leave their home without permission, or within permitted guide-lines at least …

“Freedom” of choice:

Apparently it was initially announced, there would be a “Level 5 Lockdown” whatever that means. So most People are grateful that it is now only a Level 3 Lockdown whatever that means. Perhaps this is like being told, there is going to be NO Bread and NO Water, but NOW there is at least Water, so we can be thankful to the masters, for allowing water!

Perhaps it's time to refer back to our opening paragraph above?

Or at least re-read it?

On one hand we have (a) “Societal-Norms and Social Conditioning” ... and then we have (b) “Basic Biological Cravings (for survival)” and the two can very often conflict with each other.

Should Societal Norms/Social Conditioning win over Biological Cravings, it can and will often lead to deep inner psychological conflict. This type of conflict can be titled “Cognitive Dissonance” and is pretty seriously damaging stuff. Another word for it is TRAUMA …

It is tantamount to (a) TRAUMA of sorts, something akin to PTSD i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, where you do not necessarily suffer any immediate effects of the traumatic experience, but it may take some time for its impact to kick in.

Trauma of course is a potential tool or weapon of violence, if left, put in or used in the wrong hands. It is a form of medium to long term type of psychological abuse, which can lead to pretty devastating results for individuals, their families and by extension their communities.

This may sound a little conspiracy theory orientated, which is certainly not the intention of this short article. The intention is to critically and logically consider, why anyone with any level of sanity would wish to experiment with the destructive implementation of psychological violence, given that cognitive science theory recognises and knows all about the stuff discussed above already.

My THEROY ... is as follows:

In the past 10 years or so, there seems to have been a growing awareness of consciousness, or an awakening of sorts, to things, stuff and aspects beyond the reality of the real, or the mechanical universe as it is (often) commonly referred to …

A growing number of People have touched upon, or experienced an altered state or state of reality, via the use of holistic practices and medicines, and in particular with certain plant medicines. i.e. Plant medicines which can heal on levels, such as physical, psychological and spiritual.

Some People have had healings of sorts, and some have had an awakening or reconnection to their own knowing and/or knowledge. Some more have (re) connected to a greater field of gnosis, which can remove fear of death per se, increases empathy for others and suffering, and can bring on a kind of braveness to life they had forgotten, or not known since childhood.

This awareness and the bravery (as a consequence) that comes with it, was beginning to spread more and more into Western Civilised Society. It was or is the antidote to the plague of fear created by economic recessions and its ensuing consequences.

… As a result, more and more People began to reject capitalism (in its current form), and the dogma of state, politics and religion. Institutions of commerce, state and religion began to lose respect , support and followers. It became obvious, that People’s tolerance for lies, deceit and political, state and church manipulation and profiteering were being rejected by more and more People as we crept into 2020 ...

The Modern Dark Age(s):

Very early in 2020, many states across Europe began a legal clampdown and persecution of holistic and spiritual practices, which may have had any hint of using Medicine Plants to heal those who may have needed it. This clampdown and persecution it seems, was not sufficient to shut these holistic/healing practices out completely, or prevent People from gaining access to Plan(e)t Medicines, most of which are commonly available in gardens and fields as indigenous plant species, on the continent of Europe and indeed the Planet as a whole.

Plan(e)t Medicine sacred ceremonies and use of Plan(e)t Medicines for healing thereof, has shifted to become ever more underground, which also means that less and less People have free or open access to their benefits.

Of course this means, there is now a growing use of pharmaceutical, prescribed, recreational and societally accepted drugs such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. All of which support the continued prevalence of illness and disease, and NOT cure(s) or wholeness.

The profits from these legal drugs support capitalism, statism and their mechanism of propaganda, and thus hailing in a New Dark Age per se, with the onset of social isolation, the donning of masks, curfews, limitations on trade, travel and social interaction.

Our Recommended Music/Sound of the week:



From what we have (all) been told, this most recent variation of Flu or Virus which has reputedly caused a world wide pandemic, emanated or began its life somewhere in a Chinese Market, as did Swine Flu and Avian Flu amongst (many) others. Perhaps it did or perhaps it did not. If this Flu/Virus did commence in a Chinese Market, similarly to the other flus, as it purportedly mutated and transmuted from animals to humans, then one has to logically wonder why this occurred?

In a land such as China that has been ravaged with hunger, famine, degradation and poverty … to survive, People have developed a taste, for consuming and eating everything that grows, crawls, creeps, slithers, walks, fly’s or swims on this planet.

Nothing is sacred, everything can be eaten or consumed in some way. Therefore, Chinese Markets are renowned for providing for this appetite of consumption. China has also developed a full on Hyper Food Industry, which caters for the export of genetically modified, chemically enhanced “foods” for its own burgeoning population and to the rest of the world.

Therefore it should be no surprise … when you consume anything and everything, and are prepared to mess with food and Mother nature to this extent, Mother nature by default will redress such imbalances. This only makes sense, if you are to logically follow what we are being told about this recent Flu/Virus thing; it being mutating via biology or genetics, then it stands to reason, that if the food we eat is natural then little or no negative mutation can occur, and certainly not in such short spaces of time.

Western Civilised Society has also added to the problem of consuming plant and animal products that are chemically toxic and genetically polluted.

An obvious historically relevant event, was the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease (in the late 90’s), where cattle were fed cattle, and still to this day are on a diet of antibiotics, whilst all their feed stuffs are all chemically enhanced in one form or another to fatten them up, to make more profit. Mad Cow Disease mutated and transferred to Humans as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), which was and still is of course fatal.

Whole forests are cut down on a worldwide scale to produce feed for cattle, that we may have access to foods of convenience. The cutting down of forests also feeds the Timber Industry of all States (more profit), and in turn destroys the underground Mycelium network, that informs, educates and helps sustain all natural life on this Planet (including People).

On this Island alone, we have seen a massive depletion of all our native tree species, due directly and indirectly to the decimation of the Mycelium network, by the chopping down of indigenous forests, hedges and plants, the tilling of soil, and the poisoning of the ground with chemical fertilisers and pesticides etc. All for the mass industrial over production of Meat and Dairy?!

When “the masters” talk of ice melting, global warming, famine, war and pandemics, they are fully aware that 99% of all damage to the planet sustains the state, big industry/commerce and the overarching need for profit at all costs.

We are not talking a normal sort of 30% Profit margin you might plan for or expect, if you start a cottage industry or small business, we are talking about profit regions in the Millions and Billions ... percentages don’t come into this.

A “Sustainable Energy Concept"?
Look at the oncoming onslaught of Electric/Electronic Cars, where they are replacing cars run on Oil with Rechargeable Lithium Battery powered cars.

Have you asked or seen where Lithium for Batteries actually come from? It certainly isn’t being advertised that it is being Mined, at a massive cost to plant and animal life on the Planet.

Search this for yourself, and closely examine some of the images that come up for “Lithium Mine”. Although these massive opencast mines can consume tens of thousands of acres of land, they tend to be hid in relatively remote locations, away from prying eyes and too many doo-gooders.

Your new “Environmentally Friendly E-Car” might hum quietly without fumes, but its production has contributed to the decimation of thousands of acres of life on the Planet. But sure it looks good, new and shiny, it doesn’t smell and is practically noiseless, and silence is golden. Say nothing, don’t make a fuss, keep your head down and carry on as before, nothing to see here!

There is already talk of limitation and depletion of lithium, so no doubt the way to solve this new and unique problem, is through taxation, or more taxation. This information is not being provided or advertised to you via the state, populist or social media outlets ... you are being told the very opposite in fact. E - Cars are the future !!!

The above is a very simple and easy to follow example of something which is destructive to the Planet, and is being spun or sold as the opposite. Such a thing can only happen when state and corporate interests work together.

The use of a “Global Pandemic” was ingenuous, and is a phenomenal way to instil fear, and to control People. It has worked exceedingly well thus far, as a way to distract People from engaging their energies into enlightenment and or awareness. Whoever thought of it, probably got a medal and a great pension, and a free e-car!

The wearing of masks, social isolation/distancing, travel restrictions, curfews, with potential fines, fees and charges for breaching these protocols, coupled with the persecution of those who study, educate, invoke and actively engage with Sacred Medicine Plants, reduces our access and ability to openly discuss such things, as represented in this article.

The propaganda machine of all states seem to be on the same page, with no dissension from state party lines. Keep People distracted from all or any logic or critical thinking, keep them isolated and divided, get them to live in fear and they can be controlled and manipulated peacefully, with little or no cost to profit margins as required. A very cost effective measure to ensure ongoing profits.

So, what's this awakening of consciousness or awareness, and why is it perceived to be such a threat to civilised society, capitalism and/or statism?

Well ... it’s nothing new under the sun as they say. Many well-know historical figures have made reference to it, or pointed to it in one form or another, from time to time. These figures are usually the archetypical ones that get lambasted, prosecuted, persecuted or murdered for the things they say or do, so we don’t need to particularly identify any of them here. You know who they are!

It is more important to identity where most Sacred Medicine Plants can bring you, if administered or ingested in the right set and setting, and is referenced and pointed to by the well-known historical figures referred to above. Obviously the book Meahuasca identifies a more expansive context for this, but we shall summarise as follows:

Many Medicine Plants provide you firstly with knowledge, a form of gnosis, or knowing. They can strip back the filter mechanism called thought, or your conscious mind, and allow you to experience the wholeness of reality, in a profound way. This in turn can provide you with access to the root of sickness, ailment, illness or disease, be it physical, metal, emotional and or spiritual, and sometimes as a combination of all these things.

Many Medicine Plants have been proven to have known antidotes, anti-fungal and/or antibacterial properties (amongst other things) attributed to them, from a proven medical-science perspective, but yet most of these Medicine Plants have been listed as “Schedule One Drugs”, although they are proven scientifically to be NON-ADDICTIVE and have NO negative impact upon the Human body, unless of course you mix them with Pharmaceutical/Prescription drugs, and then you might have some very serious problems.

Some Medicine Plants provide access to Altered States of reality, which is probably the real reason they are mainly identified as “Schedule One Drugs”.

The state and certain large industries and corporations don’t want People seeing the Planet, the Universe or the Cosmos for what it really is, or seeing themselves as being an intrinsic part of the whole of everything.

Nor do they want you to reject their paradigm of reality, and thus make them redundant or not relevant, in a great many ways, and from the commercial perspective most importantly.

They don’t want you going for a walk in the field or woods and literally picking a cure to any of your ailments from the hedgerows, albeit just going for a walk can be a cure in and of itself.

NOTE: The previous few paragraphs are NOT anecdotal, the information contained in these paragraphs come from a state/government sourced paper on Psychoactive Substances.

Our human bodies, all produce and carry certain levels of naturally forming chemicals, that are identified as being Psychoactive Substances (PS).

We also produce other enzymes that break down the PS, which reduce the amounts of PS that cross the blood-brain barrier, and thus we experience the world through a certain limited filter of reality.

From time to time, we also experience life through other alternative realities ... such as when we Sleep and Dream, when we Meditate, when are in flow with whatever Exercise, Sport, Art, Sex or other Enjoyable things we do. In these particular cases, the Enzymes that normally break down the PS is often counteracted by other natural substances that we produce, thus allowing more of the PS to cross the blood-brain barrier, and allow access to other Altered States ... albeit ever so temporary.

As you will have noticed, different types of Altered States serve different purposes (of course). The Altered State of Sex provides for biological reproduction and survival. Love as an Altered State provides for something similar, for reproduction, survival and protection of the young also.

Sports could be viewed as an obvious Altered State, as on offset for the need for heightened awareness for survival in a fight of flight scenario. Sleeping and Dreaming is an Altered State which provides for rest, recovery, repair and recuperation of the physical body, and perhaps often a welcome break from this reality?

Music, Dance and Entertainment are at the other end of the spectrum of Altered States, and for some strange reason are not directly related to Survival ... perhaps these activities prey to our need to experience or express a deeper self or level of being (excuse the pun) … and our connection with the whole, each other or oneness etc?

Within Entertainment as an Altered State, there is alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and food amongst other things such as sex, drugs and rock and roll, all of which are about the suppression of reality ... and in most cases do not bring any heightened or alternative state of awareness, which is why the state, don’t really care too much if you over indulge in such legally accepted things.

The state make a few bob on the transaction and taxation of such things, and you get to suppress reality ... its a kind of a Win-Win scenario for a while, until it’s not. Or until you end up being depressed, sick, ill, diseased or even dying, then the Altered State of Entertainment in this context is not really that entertaining any more, or of much use ... unless you want to continue to suppress all realities, which of course is what some People do, but mainly because they don’t have any obvious alternative and safe way to access other Altered States of being that could help or heal them, or both.

The altered state of Entertainment in the context of these times (2020), with yet another full lockdown pending, is the suppression of the self, and the suppression of reality, because it all seems and probably is quite harsh as realities go ... but there are a great many other Altered States of Reality which one can access and reach, which are Gnosis and healing based.

You can begin to get a semblance of some of these altered states of reality through some of the music and sounds we have recommended in the past, and of course via reading the book Meahuasca. There is a plethora of alternative and holistic therapies out there to choose from, most of which can take you on a drive, but seldom if ever get you to a destination.

If asked, we would generally recommend taking that drive with the Sacred Plan(e)t Medicine Ayahuasca (and some others) ... and only then perhaps, can a whole vista of Alternative States be available to you, and you alone. Which may strip away your conscious conditioning, and for a while at least you will not be subjugated to social norms or social conditioning, and will not be the victim of biological cravings for mere survival, which may allow YOU to access the REAL YOU.

Of Course: Research this topic in a far thorough manner, than just reading an article you found or were sent. More matter on this subject can be found in the book Meahuasca >HERE<

Thanks for Reading …

Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown for the preparation of travelling, voyaging or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It's also a practical guide on how to prepare for (time) travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use. The book Mèahuasca is available >HERE<