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Original Sin - Part 3

What’s the Original SIN?

=== PART THREE ===

Reading digital material is not the easiest of things. What seems to help People read is the inclusion of appropriate music to listen to while reading. To that end, we suggest, you follow the cues and click and play the music as you go, starting with this:


I See You … Remember Who You Are.

The only thing in life that really makes any sense from a reasonable or logical perspective is personal experience. Nothing else really matters … We say this because, over the past few weeks, we have been provided with many theories, thoughts and ideas from many sources and perspectives, about what is really going on with this flu/virus/pandemic/thing. No doubt these events will go into the annals of modern history as yet another conspiracy of sorts.

TO BE CLEAR: Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are intriguing things. It’s great to get alternative perspectives and analogies. It makes life even more interesting. By nature we are all gregarious and inquisitive about stuff, and a well thought out conspiracy, be it true or not, is entertaining to say the least. Presently, there is quite a bit of fluff and confusion abounding about lockdowns, the whys, the wherefores and the agendas that could be at play. Some of the stuff available via populist or social media outlets is often presented as menacing … and as a result we get reports of People being concerned for themselves, their family and others.

Events, as they unfold, are like watching a good (or bad) horror, thriller or suspense film. You know the film is not real, but nonetheless, you still get caught up in its goings on, as if you are a part of it all. Of course, when you finish reading, listening to or watching whatever is put before you, you can turn inwards to realise … it was or is just a kind of film, it isn’t really real and has no bearing on what you are and the power you have over your inner and outer worlds. It’s a FAKE reality, and as such it isn’t possible for it to touch or reach you where it really counts. It does not help if we are being forced (per se) to isolate ourselves from others, which can create a perceived disconnection of sorts, which can make one feel separate, a little lost, or somewhat abandoned.

Last week a friend sent me a nice email. Her message ended with the words “I See You”. These words resonate deeply, and probably will with all who have ever been fortunate enough to hear or read them. They are words perhaps, we all long to read or hear, as an acknowledgement or affirmation of connection with others, and directly to our inner selves. The words remind us who we are. At our core, we are all deeply empathic, as in, anything another can feel we too can feel.

My upbringing was feral or wild to an extent. As a result, retreating into my own imagination became a form of personal shelter. This may also have resulted in me seeing, viewing, perceiving and learning about the world vicariously through my own inner space and later via the medium of certain movies and film. In retrospect, perhaps this way of learning about the world was more appropriate and real, than those around me were presenting it as being?

Growing up, we mostly get a very narrow view or perspective of the world, from parents, siblings, family and the like. If this view is distorted or corrupt, we know little else, until we get out into the world ourselves. Even then we have already been provided with a potentially distorted or corrupted programme from which we view our first engagements of the world, which we can change of course, but which can be deeply embedded, and therefore difficult to shake off or reboot.

This might help you reboot:

Of rebooting: The idea of rebooting something, is essentially to switch it off, let it power down, perhaps clear its memory and restart it afresh, with only its original uncontaminated programming in tact (whatever that may be?). As new-borns we begin our (new) lives totally innocent, uninfected and uncontaminated by parents, siblings, relatives, guardians, carers, teachers, community, society, employers, bosses, owners, corporations, the state, government and popular/social media.

Along the way … we all inevitably become or get contaminated by and with the views, opinions, conditioning, programming and the thoughts of others. There is a song about this very thing called “Thought Contagion” (By Muse) … Which infers; our brain, when contaminated by thought, fractures our true identity, and scatters the fractured debris, so we lose track of, or forget who we truly are.

This idea of “who we truly are” is a reference to who we truly were, prior to any thought contamination. When we find a way to get back to this place or reboot, all our worldly addictions and pathological behaviours fall away (without a thought). We can shed our allusions of what we think we are, or concerns of what others think us to be. How we present ourselves in and to the world becomes the joke … as we shed our skins … and reveal to ourselves at least, our true selves and the power we possess. In fact that or this is just the point … it is our thoughts, which are also the reflection of other Peoples thoughts, that contaminate us, and prevent us from being who we truly are.

Our Demons such as they are or present themselves to be, as say addictions or pathological behaviours, are mere patterns or programmes that are there to protect us from some of the traumas and sufferings we endure throughout life (as it is). Life as we know it, is NOT all light and love, and nor should it be. In order to fully appreciate or experience this “light and love” as some would describe it, we need to know and experience suffering. You cannot know or appreciate Bliss, unless you have experienced suffering. To get to this Bliss, STILLNESS is required … and to get there, one needs to embrace their Demons per se., and not reject, ignore or fight them.

Perhaps like many others, embracing my own Demons was a most terrifying and difficult thing, but when it did (eventually) happen, it seemed like the most natural thing, and after years and years of fighting, the embrace itself came in a moment, and with that came a Perfect Stillness or Bliss.

It occurred to me … the Demons were my subconscious and conscious guardians; they were not trying to fight me, but existed and were created (by me) to protect ME. Up to a certain point they had done a great service, protecting me from further potential pain, anguish, trauma and suffering. There came a point in my childhood, when they became over protective. Overprotectiveness prevented me from fully living, and began to numb my emotional quotient. As the years rolled by, it began to make me less empathic towards others, and drew me further away from my true self … a true self that’s in all of us without any exception.

The egoic or thinking mind, presents surface personas to the world, which can differ in personality from moment to moment, depending on circumstances and conditions. These personas are formed or created in the conscious and subconscious arenas. Equally, there is no palpable distinction or demarcation between the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is merely the surface of the subconscious. We do not see the programme or programing behind this digital document (which we read), but without the programming, it would not exist. The computer itself is the vessel that holds the programme, which then presents the document you read.

Our body is the vessel that holds and presents the persona, but this persona IS NOT SENTIENT, it is technically inanimate, and only a presentment of the sub/conscious programme. The sentient (alive) bit, the real you … is been buried beneath a mountain of inanimate programming which has been built up through years of trauma and suffering.

THOUGHT is the sub and super routine running this whole show, and presents each persona(s), to suit or meet the needs of each act or part you play. Thought has convinced you, you are the presentment, the programme, the routine, the persona.


As such … you can shed thought, not in the context of forgetting stuff, but in the context of switching off the relevancy of those thoughts, which currently may drive or determine any attachments you may think you have to any and all pathological addictions or behaviours, no matter what they may be.

By shedding thought, you will allow you to travel, voyage, journey to the centre of YOU. This does not mean you will not have thoughts (either), they may need to be embraced and recognised as JUST THOUGHTS … then you can set them to one side, and shed them to allow you to travel, voyage or journey on to your own still point, where there is NO THOUGHT, NO GNOSIS, NO NOTHING … this is a place of BLISS, a place of U.

Does this answer the question posed at the start of this article? Or have you missed the point, and
think we need to write a further explanation for you?

While you take a bit of time to digest and perhaps process this information (for yourself), sit back and relax with this fine piece of music:

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Thank You for Reading,
Love … M
èa Huasca