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Get REALLY GROOVY: This is a piece of music, a friend in London introduced to me many years ago … it mixes the music technology of the 90’s, with some Jimi Hendrix tracks of the 60’s. It lasts about 45 odd minutes, and if you put it on loop (auto-repeat), it seems an appropriate form of music, to set as a soundtrack for reading Mèahuasca (the PDF). Having background music or an effective soundtrack, may help you read what's on screen.

We have been provided with a few Book Reviews. Many People have read the book, but have not (yet) provided a Review of same … We actively encourage as many People as possible to at least put M
èahuasca on their reading list, as more than ever, it's appropriate to the times we live in, and perhaps like the recommended music is RILLY GROOVY: Press PLAY Below.

Thanks for reading … and listening!

——————————————————————————————— Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown of and for the preparation of travelling, voyaging and or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It is also a practical guide on how to prepare for travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use. The book Mèahuasca is available >HERE<