M è A H U A S C A

Mapping the Infinite


Recently, someone sent me an interesting
video, of a new group (of People) who actively promote research into Medicine Plants, Entheogens and things like NN-Dimethyltryptamine or as it’s more commonly called DMT.

If you don’t already know, DMT is the molecule that when released into the brain or body, can bring or take you into altered states of reality, which we have previously written of, and which the book Meahuasca is certainly partly about.

As part of this video, this
new group have engaged an interview with a Doctor of sorts, an academically recognised Doctor of Science, with a list of letters after his name, as long as a long voyage. This Doctor is purportedly doing research into mapping realms or states that People access whilst voyaging or journeying with DMT, as if to say or suggest that it is possible to map the infinite. He suggests this without a wry smile on his face, and sounds like he might be sincere, or at least has so convinced himself, that others may also be convinced of his persuasions.

After just five minutes into the video, one gets the distinct feeling that the Doctor himself has not voyaged or journeyed to these other realms or altered states, but contrary to this at the end of the video, he does state that
he has voyaged or journeyed to altered states of reality with DMT, but he is most certainly NOT convincing. What he describes is very general, lacks specificity, detail or any conviction. The doctor can quote dead philosophers and throws in famous names galore, and has a litany of terms and words that are very impressive, when used together in long sentences. It’s as if, we are expected to listen to this doctor, because he is a doctor, has letters, and can use big words …

The Doctor has labelled himself a Doctor, and can validate this with tags after his name, which for some reason seems to have elevated him to a position of authority, in the eyes of the group making the video. Whilst we will not name or label this
new group or the Doctor … we write this article to point out to YOU, that ONLY YOU are in a position of authority to talk or write about your own experience and gnosis, and absolutely no one else can quantify that, or for that matter map things out for YOU.

YOUR experience of life in this realm of reality, or your experience of other realms, such as altered states is wholly unique to YOU, and nobody else can translate or interpret that for you. This is something we all forget from time to time, and more so, at the beginning of this journey of discovery, as we strive to get as much information we can, about voyaging or journeying to other realms or altered states, be it with or without the assistance of plant medicines or entheogens. The information you get on a conscious or egoic mind level pales into relative insignificance, once you have reached another realm or altered state of consciousness.

The level and depth of gnosis or knowledge you receive in an altered state is usually such an overwhelming emotional or spiritual expose, and for the most part (but not always) is beyond the intellect of the mind to fully process, comprehend or integrate, thus making it a virtual impossibility to map out … as the
doctor would have it.

But here is the thing: My suspicion is this; we have all, any information when it is needed, because it is always within us. All we need do is to tune in to the correct frequency of vibration, and voila!

The doctor in this case,
assumes all information to be stored or dispersed somewhere in the human brain. That assumption itself could well be a false premise on which to start his enquiries. This is typical of conventional western medical/scientific training and practice indeed. In that it follows the model of a mechanical universe … that time is linear … and all can be explained on the level of mind. If you come from a western medical or scientific background, and you have experienced an extended altered state with medicine plants or entheogens, you will no longer be convinced of the mechanical universe model or of time as being linear, and may in fact now reject both these ideas outright, which may not be the best approach either.

Of course both the
mechanical model universe and linear time have been promoted and preached on high as gospel within the universities of western society, for a very long time, and this is where the grounding for this doctors approach comes from, when sticking probes on Peoples heads and pumping them full of DMT.

In other words his approach is pre-deterministic, clinical and cynical. After all, even quantum physics recognises that the results of any test or experiment on the quantum level is affected by the observer, as well as the one being measured, tested or experimented upon. This of course throws contemporary science into total chaos, so much so, that it has to be pre-deterministic. Otherwise it has nothing of note to show as a result of its testing, measuring or experiments. After all, organised chaos per se is not a result it can handle, as it does not fall neatly into the confines of a mechanical universe or linear time model … it cannot have Order and Chaos co-existing for some reason, although even logically speaking one only exists because of the other.

If this doctor had experienced extended altered states of consciousness, how often has he himself experienced this and for how long? Under what circumstances, set and setting was this in? Who was present during these altered states, and what was their role? What medicine plant or entheogens were used, and what was his intention in participating in such states? Was he (the doctor) covered from head to toe in probes, both externally and well as internally?

ALL CONDITIONS need to be factored into such experiments to get an holistic perspective for the analysis of any potential results, otherwise the test is meaningless. It is impossible from the perspective of any current model of current empirical western medical or scientific standards of testing, to provide results that are holistic or wholly objective.

It may seem that
conventional western sciences newfound interest in entheogens and medicine plants on the face of it, is a good thing, which may also seem innocuous … but it most certainly IS NOT. The focus of their trials, experiments and studies are still all about isolating compounds or molecules such as DMT, to establish in a very clinical manner what DMT does … map it out and quantify it so to speak. To me, this just smacks of big pharma or a state sponsored endeavour to get ahead of the game, to make sure that they can firstly control and secondly realise any potential profits or gains that might derive from the commercial use of DMT, in much the same way that marijuana is now being commercially exploited by states and big business.

As we have written about and suggested in the book Meahuasca, DMT is not necessarily
the key component, it is just a component in the experience of an altered state, biochemically speaking. What perhaps is of equal (or more) importance is the inhibitor that suppresses the enzyme in your body that breaks down DMT. There are a myriad of inhibitors, as there are a myriad of DMT sources, as there are a myriad of brews of the two combined, as there are a myriad of People who all respond to Inhibitors and DMT in different and highly subjective ways.

The ones capable of MAPPING THE INFINITE, are those who have already mapped it, and are the ones who can revisit it, and that is YOU!

MAO Inhibitors and DMT are only add mixtures of fuels … although a pretty potent one in the right combination to facilitate YOUR ABILITY TO MAP the INFINITE.

Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown of and for the preparation of travelling, voyaging and or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It is also a practical guide on how to prepare for travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use.

The book Mèahuasca is available

Thank You for Reading,
Love … M
èa Huasca