M è A H U A S C A

Altered States

Altered States.

When you imbibe the sacred medicine plant Ayahuasca or other such similar entheogen's, the experience can alter your state of mind, and take you to other realms of reality.

Although this particular route to an altered state of reality can often be a very profound and a life changing experience in itself … we all experience altered states of reality almost ever day of our lives, without the use of entheogen's, or a plant based version of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

We are ALL natural producers and carriers of DMT, which comes into greater effective use when we are born, when we dream, and when our physical body dies. DMT has been called “the spirit molecule”, in that it is suggested to be the link to our higher selves or spirit.

When we Dream or for that matter Day Dream we enter an altered state. Sometimes we are conscious to an extent when we dream, in that we know that the dream is a dream, as we are dreaming. This is also called lucid dreaming.

Even though we know the dream is a dream, this does not alter the fact that the dream still feels real to us, thus is an altered state of REALITY. It is a Reality in a different or altered state.

The same can be said of daydreaming, therefore couldn’t it also be true that what we perceive to be our “everyday waking reality”, could be, just another altered state, another dream so to speak, that we have consciously chosen to favour as reality, at least when we are awake, if indeed we are awake?

Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown of and for the preparation of travelling, voyaging and or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It is also a practical guide on how to prepare for travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use.

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