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Root of all Evil

Root of all Evil

What we wish to discuss, examine or review here is "the Root Chakra". In Mèahuasca we provide the reader with an outline of each Chakra in a general context. There are of course seven familiar Chakras, more commonly referred to as the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

NOTE: We recognise there are far more than just seven Chakras. For now we won't get into others, although they are all interconnected. Perhaps listen to the Root Chakra meditation below as you read. Its about 15 minutes long … and quite deep.

These commonly known Seven Chakras are NOT SEPARATE or INDIVIDUAL … which is vitally important to comprehend. Very few who write, talk about or teach various disciplines or practices associated with holistic or spiritual therapies explain this in a clear manner … Perhaps it may not seem relevant, or perhaps they are not cognisant of its importance?

For this article we are mainly concerned with examining "the Root Chakra" whilst not ignoring its interrelationship with everything else and ALL other Chakras, we feel in the context of a "modern western civilisation", the Root Chakra is fundamentally where most (People) come undone, or may experience the greatest blockages or imbalance to begin with, which in turn may limit or restrict any potential healing that may come or be derived in any sense from progression through the other Chakras.

In other words, if your/the root or foundation is not stable from the outset, it may mean having to go back to or revisit the Root Chakra over and over again, which in turn can very much limit any potential healing derived from having an unblocked, clear or balanced Root Chakra.

TO BE SURE: When we use the terms "unblocked", "clear" and/or "balanced", what we are talking about here in a very literal sense, is the potential for clinical, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological healing (curing). We would bracket the terms "spiritual" and "psychological" together, as they really point to the same thing, from two different perspectives or traditions.

THE ROOT CHAKRA: Is often called the Red and sometimes the Gold Chakra. In Sanskrit (ancient Indian texts) it is named as the Moolahara Chakra, and understood to be located in the region of the base of the spine, the perineum and along the first three vertebrae (lower back). This area or region is shaped like a pine cone of sorts, when looked at from a certain angle apparently.

The pine cone shape of course is used in many religious and spiritual traditions to symbolise a great many things, the meaning of which has gotten lost in translation throughout the ages, and of course the Pineal gland, which is also pine shaped is at the centre of the brain. So we have a pine shape located at our Root Chakra and at the Third Eye Chakra, from bottom to top so to speak. For this article we are not really concerned about the shape it takes, or what interpretation or meaning is derived from it being a Pine Cone shape. Sufficed to say, the shape itself is also similar to the archetypal "Universal Vagina" … which is also relevant to a great many religious and spiritual traditions, although some prefer not to talk about, refer or recognise this as such.

In this "Modern Western Civilised Society" … we have lost a depth of connection, in a literal and figurative sense with Mother Earth. It is not that we are totally disconnected from Mother Earth, and whatever that may mean or infer. Perhaps it is more accurate to say, we have forgotten what it's like to be fully connected … how good it can feel, and how this can benefit us in so many ways and on so many levels.

Having a balanced or clear Root Chakra can result in a sense of security or safety. Although most of our basic physical and survival needs are relatively easily met in the context of a Modern Society, it is not always clear that we feel safe or secure. Modern Society creates and brings its own stresses, pressures and anxieties. If our life is driven towards or by materialism or acquisition, these stresses, pressures and anxieties are compounded exponentially, and can lead to feelings of insecurity, lack of safety and possibly even depression.

SURVIVAL MODES: We are all built to handle a certain amount or degree of stress, pressure or anxiety, in that we have three natural inbuilt survival modes to deal with such things, which are our Fight, Flight and Freeze (Play Dead) modes. These of course have to be recognised for what they are, which is our default SURVIVAL mode(s). These modes are not designed to deal with the ongoing or continuous pressure of living in or with a Modern Society.

These Survival Modes have become all but redundant in our day to day lives, except in exceptional circumstances. It is not often we get physically attacked or threatened by wild animals or People for that matter. Some individual or team sports require a heightened level of response in these modes, and some occasions require an emergency survival response, such as say crashes, fires, disasters or medical emergencies. The Fight, Flight or Freeze response is temporarily switched on and then should go off relatively soon after the emergency.

Modern Society has added a fourth survival modal response, which also begins with the letter F, which is of course Fear. This Fear is perpetrated via a constant barrage of Social and Populist Media Platforms, and now also through many Alternative Media Platforms. All of these media platforms in one way or another, for its viewers, listeners or followers can cause or create feelings of resentment, anger, helplessness, despair and/or depression.

As above, this is "a constant barrage" of Fear, brought to you via State sponsored and controlled media, and via some Alternative Media outlets. In this writers view, this recent alleged Flu thing, is a high end well-designed Social Experiment in Control. A test if you will; to find out or establish "How Compliant, People Really Are"? As far as we can tell, there seems to be a relatively high rate of Social Compliance, and most certainly within the Modern Western Civilised Society model.

This Social Experiment has also caused (by design maybe), a divide and conquer scenario particularly in America, where it seems that three or maybe even four major factions have been created or have arisen as an in/direct consequence of Social (self) Isolation and division … We don't care to comment too deeply on these particular events, only to say that any form of imposed Social or Self Isolation or division is deeply detrimental and disturbing to your psyche, which can lead to some of the events we have seen in America (and elsewhere), which now seem to be spreading like a bad Flu.

Sufficed to say, this Fear thing is a constant consequence of Modern Society, and can be used to direct and/or control certain events and outcomes, that is of course if you succumb or subscribe to such things. If on the other hand, you can somehow find a way to Ground yourself, by switching off from time to time from all the propaganda and spin, you will lose this Fear thing, or it will become irrelevant to your day to day living, or just become a form of interesting entertainment. This may read or sound kind of cold, but the alternative can lead to all sorts of stress, anxiety, disorder(s) and/or depression.

Let's get into this some more, but from a slightly different perspective. The following piece is taken directly from the book M
èahuasca, and might provide us with a context or framework from which we can consider an alternative paradigm:

The Root Chakra as the name suggests is the grounding or connection we have with Mother Earth, with others and ourselves. If you do not have solid grounds or roots you live a very insecure existence.

The solid root of anything including this (Root) Chakra provides for security, safety, survival and basic needs to be met. If the most basic of needs cannot be secured first and foremost, pressure, threats and insecurity will be the dominating factors in all you do, and how you act or interact with other People. In today’s Western civilised society of materialism and acquisitiveness, we live out lives under a constant and consistent barrage of pressures, threats and insecurities.

Cognitive Dissonance: For Example, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that going to university is a good thing or the right way to go to educate yourself or your children … a great way to get ahead in the world … to get a job … to provide you with security … to get a house … to get a car … to get nice clothes … to achieve a career … to get on with life; when the reality is, for most, going to university means crippling debt that stays with you for a long time … getting a job with an employer working long hours on a low income initially … competing in the market place or in employment to achieve a higher income, a higher position or more power … taking on more crippling debt to acquire a house, a car, clothes, insurances, a family, the education of the children, your further ongoing education, a certain lifestyle … then pay for a pension or retirement plan, assuming we make it this far with the above, and don’t collapse or breakdown with all this pressure and stress and end up going to a medical practitioner who can medicate us to continue to deal with it all.

The results of this modern lifestyle clash and the false belief that society is civilised, culminates with us operating in survival mode most of the time, with no perceived end in sight to our insecurity and suffering. If society were so civilised, why would we suffer so much from anxiety, stress, disease and mental, emotional or physical illnesses, brought on by the pressures of society?

We are not attempting to provide an antidote for the modern maladies of society but instead to consider, in relation to Chakra balancing or unblocking, an alternative way to look at or consider how we could assist ourselves in bringing ourselves to better health and a better mental or emotional path, one step at a time.

Of course when your Root Chakra is not balanced, or is blocked, it can be very difficult to break with the norm of social conditioning, as everything perceived to be different may be seen as a threat, and therefore the desire to get away from the perceived threat is overwhelming. Constant fear can end up ruling your life, which of course can lead to other problems, be they physical, mental or emotional.

Life is built upon the foundation of the Mooladhara Chakra, and is our vital connection to Mother Earth … this above all else, should be the starting block on the path to clearing and unblocking all our Chakras, to release the healing force and energy of the Kundalini.

End piece.

All this may at first seem a complex thing … although it isn't really! M
èahuasca and the piece above was written long before the alleged "Flu Pandemic", and asks how we can "break with the norm of social conditioning" … to live better, or enjoy life a little bit more than we do.

Firstly: We ask you to read
Mèahuasca critically, to get the full context of this article.
Secondly: Switch off and take time out from all Social, Populist and Alternative Media sources.
Thirdly: Try out some of the prep work outlined in
Mèahuasca for voyaging.
Fourthly: Chill out once in a while in your own form of self imposed isolation.
Fifthly: Stick on some headphones and a blindfold and spend 15 minutes listening to the music recommended above, perhaps once a day for a few days on the trot, and note any differences in your life.
Sixthly: In your isolation, look inwards, observe your own thoughts and let them pass.
Finally: Let us know how you get on, or are getting on, once in a while at least.

Thanks for reading … and listening!

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