M è A H U A S C A

Intentions & Archetypes

Intentions & Archetypes

A friendly email last week, asked the following question:

What’s the intention of Mèahuasca?

Although the question comes from someone who has by their own admission, not had the Courage to Read the Book … we shall still endeavour to answer it, if nothing else perhaps but to provide others with courage to read Mèahuasca. Which is kind of ironic, as we know, it may take Courage to participate in a Medicine Plant Ceremony, but Courage to read a book!?

The book was written with the intention of sharing experiences and adventures of the writer/author, with those who have an interest in their core, inner or true selves. It is hoped to stir or agitate something in the reader, to remind them or awaken something in them that begins seeking what they might truly be.

It is purposefully written in easy to understand language, to make it accessible to the novice and to a more advanced adventurer or explorer. It dives headlong into the realms of Altered States, Medicine Plants, Spirituality, Science, Quantum Mechanics, the Esoteric, some Psychology and a little bit of light Philosophy. Although quite a personal exploration of some heavy matter, it provides a relatively light take on all things concerned.

The essence of it all may come down to this truism: You are the Universe experiencing itself, and as such can be your own Shaman, Guru, Seer or Wise One etc. … if that’s what you want or need. Or you can spend the remainder of your time in this realm of reality snoozing away, as happy as Larry (as some say).

Perhaps this is where the Courage to read comes in? … Some People, although they say they want to be awake, they don’t really want to be awake, and perhaps this want is not what they need, so they stay soundly and securely asleep? Their choice of course …

For those who wish to take a step (at least) closer or towards such things, you may download Mèahuasca without conditions, to read or not to read, and equally you may also pass on the download link to those you may deem would or could benefit from reading about such things, and to consider taking on such an adventure, voyage or pilgrimage.

Who in particular might benefit from such things?

It is our considered opinion that everyone can derive a benefit from such an adventure, the real measure of which can only accessed by those who have the courage to journey to the realms that Medicine Plants can bring them to.

Medicine Plants have been with us forever, and within all cultures for eons. Although organised religions, rulers, monarchs, despots and statists have attempted to wipe them and the gnosis they provide access to from the face of the Earth …

Medicine Plants can also provide or assist us with finding the courage to face our biggest fear, that fear being the fear of death. Even logically speaking, if you can reduce or even lose your fear of death, you cannot be controlled or manipulated, and thus, all this fear mongering and control over the recent flu thing, becomes irrelevant to you … and as a further unintended consequence of this, you will have less fear about everything else in your life.

This is of course what “the State” do not want, and of course “the State” represents different things to different People. They do not want People who cannot be controlled or manipulated with fear, and more relevant to this nowadays would be … the Fear of Death.

We hope this (at least) briefly explains the intention of Mèahuasca, and why it is even more relevant now, than when it was first conceived or created.

From feedback we have found, that those who have downloaded the book for themselves (via the link below), have taken the time to read the book, as opposed to those who have been sent a copy of the PDF directly. This makes absolute sense of course, as you can bring a horse to water, or even put the water in front of them, but your cannot make them drink it, that is always going to be up to them, and they will only drink when it suits themselves of course.

So we would ask, please only send People the link, and let them decide if they want to download the book and read it for themselves. The book can be downloaded as a free pdf

ON ANOTHER NOTE (Pun Intended):
A few days ago, we were asked by a friend; What is an Archetype? This subject and what it means is written in longer terms in the book Mèahuasca … we can summarise it as follows; something representative of something else.

Having said that, MUSIC can also be considered an Archetype of sorts. There can be an intangibility to certain types and forms of music, as it can stir, agitate or excite expressions, emotions and passions, amongst many other things.

Relax, sit back and listen to this (less than) five minute song, piece of music and art by two of the Worlds best songwriters, singers and bards of their respective generations, before you move on with the rest of this article:

Now, wasn’t that quite a cool piece of work?

For most People (who breathe that is), this song may conjure up emotions or expressions, that nothing visual can entertain or explain. It seems melancholically uplifting in certain respects, and understated and profound at the same time, and can therefore resonate on a very profound level, with those who hear it.

Thanks for reading … and listening!

——————————————————————————————— Mèahuasca (the book) expands upon the experiences of the writer/creator, and provides a breakdown of and for the preparation of travelling, voyaging and or journeying to the centre of U. It contains detailed accounts of real experience(s) and adventures. It is also a practical guide on how to prepare for travel, voyaging or journeying, and can be used as a personal journal for your own private use. The book Mèahuasca is available >HERE<