M è A H U A S C A

JOURNAL OF THE SOUL ... Peer Reviews

RECEIVED: 4th. April 2020

Reading books does not come naturally to me, but having stared Mèahuasca, I couldn’t drag myself away to put it down. This was pure pleasure and not a chore. I have since read M
èhuasca more slowly, to savour and take in more of the detail.

Some People (my family included) may fail to grasp or believe half of what is being written or discussed in Mèahuasca, which is understandable from their perspective. Having attended a similar ceremony and venue
as a sceptic, my experience, although subtler in nature than depicted in Mèahuasca, there is no doubting the intensity of such an experience depicted by the author, which has greatly re-sparked my curiosity.

The other People attending this ceremony told me of their personal findings and experience, any many DID GET help, guidance and clearance with issues they had been carrying, not dissimilar to what is describe in Mèahuasca.

This episode in my life was very worthwhile, and whilst written words are seldom enough to describe such an experience, on this occasion the author has pretty much nailed it. This is definitely a subject I shall revisit again, and again …

Big thanks to the author, for having the ability to put
all this stuff into words, in describing the indescribable.

Love … D.D.


èahuasca below:

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