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Awakening Mind Parts 1,

AWAKENING MIND: Know Thyself …


Samadhi Parts 1, 2 and 3 are below (somewhere), alongside the "Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds" series, for your viewing pleasure, and in order to avoid, as much as possible, interruption by advertisement.

Share, watch and discuss these movies … as the ability to read, is being lost and the ability to use criticality is but a faded dream to most.

Two years have flashed by … People are not fighting over loo roll any more, and "vaccines" seem to have cured the planet, of sickness, suffering and death, or have they?

It is most certain, things have changed, in that, you are being told; you not only need a vaccine to live life, you need a booster, then you need a further booster injection, to keep you going.

There is now a generation or two or three of People, who seem to accept without any critical thought, reason or question, that it is the right and safe thing to do; to be injected, to isolate, to distance and to wear masks everywhere, despite the promise of an injection saving the world, an ideology which is not static, and seems to evolve every passing day.

The word "Mandatory" keeps on creeping in to populist and social media rhetoric, although there's only one thing in life that's mandatory, which of course is death, but let's avoid such a subject, at every cost, as vaccines and boosters promise to be the promised land for all, well at least for many …

We have discussed this stuff before, and don't mind mentioning it again and again: The deepest and perhaps the greatest fear most People have, is
fear of death. Obviously most People will try to avoid it, and where possible, will mostly try to avoid the death of others, or causing such a thing. Of course, if it is even implied that YOU may be the cause of someone else's illness or death, a form of guilt might be your guide to getting injected several times, keeping a mask on, distancing yourself and keeping away from People, to keep them safe of course, from your deathly presence …

If People were not so afraid to discuss, talk about or face death, then perhaps the culture surrounding death, and all that it may imply, would lend its way forward, to a lot less fear and ostracising of the few People whom critically question the way things seem to have evolved, and may be further evolving.

Seen as how, less and less People are reading words, articles and books, we feel that the "Samadhi" film series (as an entertainment if nothing else), might help provide you with another perspective, or come to an alternative view on what goes on in the world, in reality.

We have put "Samadhi (part 3) - The Pathless Path", to the top of the list, as you do not need to have seen Samadhi Parts 1 and 2 before hand, for it to make sense … For this effort on our part, we invite you to watch "The Pathless Path", and then Share this email and/or link to this page with others. We ask you to share, ONLY if it makes some sense to you.

Thank you all in advance : - D

Samadhi - The Pathless Path

Samadhi - It's Not What You Think

Samadhi - Maya, the Illusion of the Self

Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds … Akasha

Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds … The Spiral

Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds … The Serpent and the Lotus

Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds … Beyond Thinking


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