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Soul Loss

Soul Loss.

In contemporary and in some older shamanic traditions, there is an idea or concept of what is called or coined as being Soul Loss. This concept of “Soul Loss” has irked me for some time, for some reason. There is a plethora of books available on Soul Loss, and just as many ways suggested to recover pieces of the Soul, based of course upon the idea that the Soul has been or is fragmented, broken, shattered etc., and that you have somehow lost pieces of it, which retrospectively can be found, recovered and somehow be magically put back together … perhaps in the same way as when one breaks a cup, you can collect the pieces and glue them back together?

The breaking cup analogy is a ridiculous one, because of course “the soul” is not a cup or vessel, and is not inanimate … but on the contrary is possibly the stuff that fills the more complex vessel known as the human body, and if we look at the human body as two parts of a whole such as the Physical Body and the Subtle Body. These are NOT TWO separated parts but are totally integrated into the Whole Human Body. Our Whole Human Body can get damaged and hurt in a variety of ways.

If we take it that TRAUMA means damage, which can mean physical damage to the physical body, and psychological damage to the subtle body, and that this damage can occur to both at the same time, perhaps like when you bruise an apple on its surface or skin. What makes an apple is not just its outer skin. It’s also the fruity part inside, then there is its core and its seeds, and whatever else is contained in its seeds, perhaps its spirit or soul, and so on? You cannot have an outer apple, without an inner apple. The inner and outer apple, make a whole apple!

There are obvious outward signs of damage to the surface of the apple when you bruise it, but there is also damage to the inside, which is more subtle (less obvious), which may eventually reach the CORE of the apple, or spread to the rest of the apple. If the apple is already disconnected from the tree (pulled), then it is less likely to heal and grow to its full maturity or ripeness. If the apple is pulled from the tree, is not bruised, damaged or traumatised and is cared for, it can last for a certain albeit still limited amount of time, but eventually it will ripen, reach past its ripeness and begin to deteriorate and break down, to allow the seed to begin a new tree, and ultimately provide new apples, given an almost perfect set of circumstances.

The WHOLE HUMAN BODY obviously does get bruised, damaged or traumatised from time to time at various different stages in its evolution, change or growth towards maturity or full ripeness. It is not so much that the Soul, as a separate part, has been broken off and has gotten lost per se, it is more that a damage has occurred, which has blocked or is preventing it from filling up and functioning or operating to its maximum capacity, so to speak. If there is a blockage in the body, be it obvious or subtle, the body is being prevented from being filled to its maximum capacity with SOUL … Soul being the fuel of optimum operational capacity. So to me, saying or suggesting that you need to retrieve parts of your soul is perhaps an attempt to complicate something that is not so complicated, or even a distraction by the egoic or conscious mind, to want to gain or regain something that is not really lost, but is perhaps just needing to flow a little bit better, as in it may be blocked, clogged or bunged up?

To me the use of words “Soul Loss” are semantics, but there is perhaps a more direct or user friendly way of designating something, that by its own definition is impossible to describe. As a result of a Blockage, what is usually being ascribed as that of “Soul Loss” … is a reduction of flow of subtle body energy, which has been caused or created by the aforementioned physical or psychological trauma or damage.

If we accidentally cut ourselves with a knife, from an outside perspective, we will endeavour to stem any bleeding, clean the wound, dress it and keep it as clean as possible to stop or reduce infection in order to aid the healing process from the outside in. Equally, the inner body will work from the inside-out to achieve the same thing. The body will endeavor to stem the flow or spread of infection, and increase the flow of blood, and good bacteria to fight any potential infection.

To me the same analogy applies to psychological trauma or damage, the subtle body does its best to continue energy flow, but sometimes in order to prevent any further damage to the whole system, it may isolate and or block potential harmful energy, and thus blockages occur, which are often misread as “Soul Loss”. The body and or for that matter the more subtle body holds the harmful energy, or does not dispel or release it, and thus this can emanate or evolve into distress and/or dis ease for the Body Whole.

A key area or location in the Body per se to seek and or, to find or locate this subtle body trauma or damage, is the Chakras … there being seven recognised primary Chakras. The Chakras are interconnected through the subtle body energy to the glands, nodes, organs, limbs and all other parts of the body. If there is a blockage in the body due to Trauma or Damage, it will show up or manifest in one or more of the Chakras. In simple terms their energy flow or vortex is disrupted.

The location of these potential Chakra blockages is usually not that difficult to ascertain, … the harder part is in finding the cure or fix, which conventional medicine fails to do, as it is not generally concerned with Subtle (DEEP) Body energy flow or lack thereof.

Identifying the location of the blockage in and of itself can give one a temporary release, but other (HARD) work is usually required, some of which can be initiated by an Holistic or Spiritual healer, guide or shaman, but the ultimate dispelling, release or unblocking of the energy is the work of the one who is suffering, the patient/client themselves.

You participate in your own rescue so to speak.———————————————————————————————

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